Social Media Plan Campaign and Monitoring

Social Media Plan Campaign and Monitoring For SMB’s

Having a website is crucial to the success of your business as it creates a first impression with potential clients. However, it’s equally important to maintain and strengthen your brand through ongoing engagement with clients.

One effective strategy used by OTR is as follows:

  • Set up a corporate blog (WordPress is a popular option that can be hosted directly with WP or on your current website server with your own domain name, such as OTR Web Articles) and publish articles of 400-600 words at least once a month. The articles should not be overt advertisements for your company, products, or services. Instead, they should provide valuable information about a specific segment of your industry. For example, if writing about web design, the article could discuss the key elements of good design and the importance of creating a memorable first impression. It’s acceptable to include a call to action at the end of the article promoting your services.
  • Create a Facebook corporate page and, for each article you publish, write 4 – 6 Facebook status updates of 80-400 characters. These updates should relate to the article and not be undisguised advertisements. For example, regarding web design, you might write, “Poor web design drives traffic away. Invest in creating a professional website.”
  • Create a LinkedIn page and include the same information as your Facebook status updates.
  • Create a Twitter account and write 20 or so short phrases, with a link back to your blog page. Avoid blatant advertising as it may deter readers.
  • Invest in a social media management tool, such as HootSuite, SocialOomph, or Sendible. These tools will schedule posts to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts and allow you to monitor your social media exposure.
  • Choose a social media management tool and schedule your blog article and status updates for the month. Based on the one article per month scenario, you would schedule the 4 – 6 Facebook updates over the month as well as the LinkedIn updates. The Twitter tweets would be scheduled once per day over the course of the month.
  • Mid-month, prepare the next blog article and repeat the process. The original Twitter tweets can be moved to a separate, random schedule of 1 or 2 tweets per week to keep your blog posts active without overwhelming readers.

Social media management is a critical task that requires time and dedication

Most businesses don’t have the manpower to manage their social media consistently, which is where OTR Web can help. OTR offers writing and management services for a cost-effective monthly fee, and our professional copywriters will interview you to determine the article and insert the proper key search engine phrases (SEO) for captivating copy. Articles and status updates can be published as often as three times a week, with one Facebook status update per blog post.

Contact OTR for more information on how we can help with your business’s social media campaigns.