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OTR Web has been creating corporate websites since 1999

Using the left or right side of the brain

Way back to the old days of hand coded HTML with laborious and looking back often outlandish Flash. Those were the days when only mid-size and enterprise level corporations could have a website on the Internet due to the significant cost involved. To build a website you had to be a software engineer first and design came in seemingly a distant second. Typically an individual was good at one (using the left or right side of the brain) but not at the other.

In early 2000 when software engineers or the corporate IT departments built a website it was functional (if they could keep it from being too complicated) but left a LOT to be desired in the design aspects. When the designers built a website it was usually pretty but those same designers struggled with the coding necessary for functionality.

Combining the two disciplines was an art form that OTR Web recognised early on as critical, and we set about creating a team of designers and software engineers that worked together to create effective corporate websites.



A third aspect was content. As much as clients felt they could write their own content there just wasn’t enough hours in the day for the content to get written by clients in a timely fashion. Projects instead of being 90 to 120 days started dragging on for 180 to sometimes 360 days and worse. We soon realised we needed a content writing department if we were going to get client sites built in a timely fashion. We set up an effective team that interviewed client’s key personnel and dug deep down to discovering why they do what they do and what differentiates them from their competition. What was the driving force that brought about the company? And then the OTR Web content team delivered that message to the customer’s clients and potential clients with a focus on answering their questions. Solving your clients problem was and is the message the OTR Web content team delivers.


Content Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation

Effective content led naturally to Content Marketing using Social Media, Blogs and customer case studies. The fundamental basis for Content Marketing was and is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation which is getting your message out to your potential clients and being found on the search engines such as Google or Bing. Search engines have gotten smarter and a list of keywords is no longer what they are looking for. Search engines want and demand relative content to their customers search.


Responsive Websites

With the advent of Smartphones and Tablets OTR Web started building websites that could be easily read on any device, rather than just a desktop. The first route taken was Mobile Sites, but that came with the drawback that you had to have and maintain two separate websites. OTR Web’s custom Responsive Websites resolved that issue by allowing the design and software team to create a single website that was fully responsive to any platform. No more stretching because the content was so tiny it couldn’t be read. Now the websites were easily read and were fast loading for Smartphone or Tablet users.

Staying on the current edge of web techniques, all the while delivering visually appealing websites with effective content and user functionality is what OTR Web delivers, and is committed to delivering for each and every one of our clients.


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