the ranking of the website on Google

Ranking of the Website on Google

A common question I receive from clients is how they can improve the ranking of their website on Google

Many companies claiming to use “white hat” optimization techniques reach out, promising to make a website rank number 1 on Google. They assure me that they would never use the unethical “black hat” techniques used by some of their competitors.

However, I took a call from a client recently who had received a solicitation from their phone company, offering to make changes to their website to improve its ranking on Google. The client forwarded me the information they received, including the key phrase they wanted to rank for and the cost of the service.

Upon reviewing the information, I found that there was nothing fundamentally wrong with the changes that were being proposed. The client was already ranking number 2 for the target phrase and was on the first page for several other phrases. They had signed a contract for a year of SEO services, which was costing them $500 per month. So, I made the requested changes.

The results were mixed. While the client did move up one position from number 2 to number 1 for the targeted phrase, their ranking for all the other phrases declined or disappeared altogether. In the end, the client spent $6,000 on SEO services, but had a net reduction in their overall online visibility.

SEO is not just about making arbitrary changes to your website

It starts with a strategic plan, research on relevant copy and key phrases, understanding your business and how to effectively communicate it, having a site architecture that is user-friendly and search engine optimized, inserting key phrases in appropriate tags and content in a readable manner, tracking results through analytics, and incorporating social media into your online presence.

At OTR Web Solutions, we build websites with SEO in mind and offer ongoing SEO services, including social media integration and management. So, before you consider responding to an unsolicited offer for SEO services, give us a call and we will help you through the process.