Berry & Smith

Enhancing Berry & Smith’s Website: OTR’s Journey of Crafting Connections

Change is an undeniable constant in the ever-changing landscape of business, and for sustained success, evolution is not just a choice but a necessity. As technology advances and trends shift, adapting becomes paramount, especially when connecting with a modern audience. At OTR, we understand the significance of staying adaptable. That’s why we were so pleased when our long-term clients, Berry & Smith, approached us for a website update.

Berry & Smith has been our client since the beginning, and although we talk about the importance of evolution, one thing has always stayed consistent with them: their people-first values. These values are the cornerstone of their success, and we recognize the significance of preserving their family value essence while elevating the overall look of their online presence with a focus on recruitment. Recruitment has lately been a hot topic in the transportation industry due to the truck driver shortage, so creating a page directed at the truck-driving demographic is essential.

In the initial planning phase of the website update, we identified the need for recent, high-quality images. Good-quality images on a website are crucial for several reasons, including improved credibility and user experience. Wanting to provide a polished product for our valued clients, we took matters into our own hands and made a trip to their head office in Penticton, BC.

Birgit (Executive Manager), Julieta (Video Production Specialist), and Cindy (Creative Director) drove out to Penticton in mid-October. It was a conveniently beautiful time to drive out west because of the vibrant fall leaves in the Rockies. We even felt it was necessary to keep our boss on his toes by asking him if his truck took diesel, knowing it was gas. We shared endless stories while weaving through the mountains and had enough snacks to last till the end of the week.

Overall, it was a great experience that brought us closer together and solidified that we are better as a team. Each of us brought something unique to the table, enabling us to get all the content we wanted and more. We recognized that, as a team, we are better equipped to face challenges and deliver exceptional results. It also helped that Berry & Smith were extremely kind and accommodating as we crashed their office for two days with a slew of equipment.

It was fantastic meeting everyone in person and experiencing firsthand that they are truly a company with solid family values. While an email discovery questionnaire initially provided valuable insights, being physically present at Berry & Smith’s office added a new dimension to our understanding of the company. We gained a firsthand perspective of the company’s culture, values, and daily operations—insights that would have been challenging to gather through email correspondence alone.

Being on-site also provided us with the chance to gather valuable video content. Video is the leading form of online media, so we will leverage it to establish a stronger connection with Berry & Smith’s audience. By harnessing the power of video, we intend to enrich their website with compelling testimonials and marketing videos. This approach fosters greater engagement and contributes to a more impressive site and, consequently, improved conversion rates.

Yes, this was a job, and we worked hard, but we could all agree it was also a team-building event. Working diligently yet enjoying the process, we connected with Berry & Smith on a level that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. This endeavor reaffirmed the value of going the extra mile, fostering genuine connections, and how, in the end, it all contributes to building a superior product. This project is a testament to the power of collaboration, the significance of being present, and the value of evolving together.