Effective ways to attract truck drivers

Effective ways to attract truck drivers

Effective ways to attract truck drivers and why having a good driver recruiting strategy pays off

It’s no secret that we are experiencing a truck driver shortage. Transportation companies are spreading themselves thin trying to recruit qualified drivers while keeping up with increasing supply chain demand. The American Trucking Association estimates the shortage to continue increasing, reaching a deficit of about 175,000 drivers by 2024. Looking forward, one of several and main reasons of why there continues to be a lack of drivers is that the current average age of truck drivers (75% over age 45) is due to retire over the next several years, leaving a huge age gap that isn’t being filled by younger generations. This shortage creates a challenge that the industry must overcome to stay afloat; and as a result, organizations are required to think outside of the box and strategize to fill these employment gaps to keep up with the demand.

Why is having a good recruitment strategy important?

The shortfall of drivers affects every transportation company’s productivity, safety, and profitability in trying to compensate for the labour they simply don’t have. This employment shortage is detrimental to all levels of an organization. It is important for management to have a strategy to curb these challenges, otherwise the retention of current drivers will become an even bigger issue due to the increased job pressure.

The go-to solution for most carriers is to list opportunities on job banks, but with truck drivers being a hot commodity right now, it is a huge feat trying to stand out amongst the sea of other postings. It requires much more than posting jobs; organizations need to start marketing themselves to drivers in the same way they would to their customers and making changes within their business to make truck driving a more desirable career. Truck drivers are in the driver’s seat now (literally and figuratively) and transportation companies need to start adopting new strategies that speak to them.

The following are a few effective methods you can incorporate into your recruiting strategy.

Driver Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation is the process of nurturing a prospect with the final goal of converting them into a customer, or in our case – a driver. The online world is as busy as ever and there is a lot of noise to cut through to gain someone’s attention. Millions of businesses are vying for the attention of your prospects and people are very good at filtering out messages that don’t resonate with them or meet their needs. Lead generation is focussed upon building trust and targeting the proper audience, so your company stays relevant. Its’ approach consists of:

  • 1:1 targeting
  • Consistent messaging across multiple channels
  • A focus on educating the driver
  • Cultivating meaningful relationships
  • Targeting Segments e.g., female drivers (16% & increasing)

Lead generation allows you to reach potential applicants early in their job-hunting journey, so you can earn their trust, build a relationship and be by their side until they are ready to apply.

Establish an online presence

With users spending much of their time online nowadays, having a solid online presence has become vital for businesses looking to make a good impression, and is one of the most important aspects of a business today. It not only allows you to share information about your business, but also gives your customers and potential drivers a way of interacting with you. Allow a place for current drivers to comment about what a great company you are to work with.

Professionals often check the credentials of a business online before considering working for them; especially the younger generations whom the transportation industry is trying to attract. Having a great web presence includes having an engaging website, landing pages, and a consistent social media feed. These all provide your audience with a better feel for your company and can benefit your organization greatly by giving them a glimpse into your values, culture, and mission. Collectively enhancing your brand and helping you stay relevant in the eyes of your followers.

Some of the reasons why truck driving hasn’t appealed to the younger generations, is because they are in search of greater work satisfaction. This includes not only better pay, but respect, recognition, and working conditions. An online presence gives your organization the opportunity to communicate why you are a great company to work for and provides a sense of community/culture for your audience.

How OTR Driver Leads can help

At OTR we have over 20 years of marketing and digital experience with a speciality in the transportation industry; we know a thing or two about separating our clients from the clutter and making them stand out. We have a toolbelt of digital solutions (including the ones mentioned above) that we customize to your business, to give you an online presence that will help your company get a leg up on your competition. We understand how daunting navigating this driver shortage is, but you are not alone. Contact us today or visit our solutions page to discover how we can help you combat your trucking companies’ driver shortage.

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