Website Strategies

The preparation, planning and ongoing management

Taking on a new corporate website development project can be a daunting task for most organizations.

The preparation, planning and ongoing management of a web development project touches every aspect of your company. The team at OTR Web have a clear understanding of the challenge this type of project can place on companies that don't have the resources to assign a team to manage the project.

OTR Web provides the expertise to help you define the process and streamline the project to ensure results are delivered on time. We will work with your company throughout the interview process to determine:

  • The Purpose of Your Website
    • Brand Enhancement
    • Generate Revenue
    • Prospect Generation
    • Sales Aid
    • Online Sales
    • After Sales Support
    • Employee Recruitment
    • Employee Retention
  • Determine Your Target Market
  • Business Objectives
  • Website Objectives
  • Create Effective Market-Driven Copy
  • Brand Integration
  • Social Media Plan
  • Social Media Integration
  • Responsive Website

Web Strategy Document

If you have a plan (or website strategy) in hand before you contact your web developer their job and the entire project can be completed more efficiently.

In preparing to develop your website strategy you should consult with key stake holders throughout your entire organization. This process will identify the needs and expectations of each area of your company. By the end of this process you will be in a better position to clearly define the communication and business objectives of your new pages and begin the process to a better website ROI.


Check List for New Corporate Website

  1. Evaluate the current page (if one exists) and suggest changes
  2. Create wish list of new webpage functionality
  3. Gather examples of current websites your team finds effective
  4. Determine basic corporate information that needs to be communicated
  5. Create objectives of the webpage for each department
  6. Identify and define your target audience
  7. Determine if a public website and corporate internal web pages are required
  8. Discuss the information that can be effectively communicated
  9. eCommerce needs and requirements
  10. Social Media Plan and Requirements
  11. Blog/Industry Articles
  12. Custom Software requirements
  13. Define project budget
  14. Define and set timelines
  15. Choose the point person with whom the web development company will work

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