Content Managed Websites

Creating responsive websites using WordPress and Drupal

Why you might need a Content Managed website?

At OTR Web we are specialists in creating Custom Responsive Websites but we recognise there is a need for Content Managed websites. Generally there are two reasons as to why you might need a Content Managed website. We will address the most common reason first.


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Website Budget Restraints

Creating a Custom Responsive Website is a time consuming process. Responsive design involves designing for three or more widths, each with identical written content. The designer adds code behind the pages that determines the browser size and then distributes the columns, content, navigation and images according to the available space. Great care is taken to build a page that loads quickly, no matter the browser or device, but that still keeps the elements of your brand in the forefront. Navigation, Branding, Columns, White Space and placement of your Call To Action are all critical elements of your Responsive Website. This takes time and skill and that costs money … and the amount can sometimes be out of a company’s budget.

OTR is also very adept at creating responsive websites using commercially available templates within WordPress and Drupal. In making use of templates the cost of deployment of your website is greatly reduced. Templates generally are sold to a larger market base thus reducing the cost to the end user. The trade-off to remember is that a considerable number of websites also are using the same template and look as yours. The OTR Team, once a template is chosen, carefully considers graphics and forms to allow for the greatest speed in loading your website and to make it as distinctively yours as possible.

The OTR Responsive Web Designers also create Custom Templates within Drupal and WordPress. No one else would have your design and the template is seamlessly integrated into WordPress or Drupal, keeping your brand in the forefront.


Website Update Requirements

Some larger clients that have their own marketing departments in-house require the ability to readily update their websites on a daily and even hourly basis. Generally we would direct such a client to a Drupal platform with a custom designed theme. This solution is not for the faint of heart as the overall initial cost is greater than a custom designed responsive website. However it allows for the flexibility that a CMS can offer and the great security of a Drupal CMS. Drupal allows a developer to incorporate whatever software needs a client might envision. It has been said that Drupal is a software engineer’s delight and a web designer’s nightmare. As OTR has both software developers and web designers we know how to mesh them together to create stunning and effective Drupal websites.


WordPress and Drupal Website Hosting

OTR Web uses and manages its own web servers (we don’t lease or resell other company’s servers) that are designed to host WordPress and Drupal and we keep all security aspects up to date. Our servers are fast and our connections reliable to provide you with the security and reliability you need for your website.

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