Ten Characteristics Of Cloud Computing


Ten Characteristics Of Cloud Computing

Using software in “The cloud” has become very popular in the past few years, making it far easier for teams to collaborate on projects, and share data with other people and programs. These 10 characteristics of cloud computing show why it has become so popular, and how its adoption will continue to grow over time.

1. Easy Access

Cloud based applications and files can be accessed easily on your company’s network, whether you or your employees are in the office, at home, or traveling.

2. Enhanced Productivity

With the ability to pull data from anywhere within your company’s cloud, your employees will be able to work faster without needing to either physically get the files, or wait on an email response back for a file.

3. Data Security

Since there is only one place where all the data is stored, it is much easier to protect it Cloud Computingagainst a security breach. Cloud computing takes away most of the threat of data theft due to information being spread out among multiple computers.

4. Reduced Cost

For the most part, cloud based applications only need to be purchased once, and are then distributed among users accessing the front-facing platform through the cloud. There is no need to buy multiple licenses for the same program for every one of your employees.

5. High Growth Potential

As you add more employees, all that needs to be done to get them on the cloud is for them to have login credentials created. Less setup time, and much faster than installing software on a machine.

6. Real-Time Data Changes

As changes are made to files in the cloud, other people can have access to those changes immediately. Employees no longer need to re-download files in order to have the most up to date version.

7. Device Operability

Some cloud-based networks are accessible from smartphones and tablets. This is convenient for people not in the office, but who still need to maintain connectivity to the network.

8. Easily Monitored Performance

Seeing changes made to data, and seeing who makes the changes, makes it easy to monitor employee performance. This can be done easily at the end of the day, or even in real time.

9. Open Communication Among Collaborators

The ability to communicate easily among employees working on one project is essential. Cloud computing makes this simple with the ability to either message another collaborator, or just change the data as they see fit.

10. Reduced Maintenance

Fewer software-based problems will come up with a cloud based system. Employee computers are basically just terminals which access the cloud, meaning if a computer were to become inoperable, it could easily be replaced.

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