10 Good Business Blogging Tips


10 Good Business Blogging Tips

Top 10 List of To Do’s for Business Blogging

Business blogging is changing. Some old rules no longer work; some new rules take over. If you’re smart, you’ll trash the old ones and incorporate the new rules into your content strategy. Take the lead in business by following these 10 rules.

1. Do Publish Something Fresh, New and Creative

Gone are the days when bloggers are expected to post daily. Nowadays, readers expectRemarkable Content you to give them something that hundreds of blogs haven’t published yet. Others, resist the temptation to publish your content just because you have to.

Invest time on finding fresh ideas or topics and on crafting your content. Follow blogs outside your industry and see if you can borrow some ideas.

2. Do Care About Human Psychology

Read books on color psychology or books that guide you in understanding human behavior. Pick up books authored by Daniel Kahneman, Dan Ariely, Robert Cialdini, Timothy Wilson, Dan Gilbert and Daniel Pink.

These authors will help you become a more effective communicator and influencer.

3. Do Learn the Basics of Good Copywriting

Reading books on how persuade others to do stuff is a good start. But you have to get your message across, clearly and forcefully. Hire a top-notch copywriter or blogger, or agency that understands the language your brand and your customers speak. If you can dedicate the time learn how to write a good copy yourself and raise your blog’s standards.

4. Do Kick Some Butt by Showing Some Personality

Is your tone friendly and approachable? It should be. If tone sounds too formal or condescending, readers will ignore you. The best business blogs are great at being human and professional at the same time. Theirs is a distinct voice everyone can relate to.

5. Do Something Different

Blogging is really cool if you’re the type who thinks outside the box. Tired of the usual business blogging tactics the “pros” offer? You don’t really have to offer long-form articles that sit unread for days. Take a look at blogs by iDoneThis and 37 Signals for a change.

6. Do Know Who Your Readers Are

It’s not enough to write a brief report on your target audience. Fictional or made-up characters are good but they’re not good enough. Real people who consume your blog are great. Get to know them through a form in your blog or through any of your social channels.

7. Do Invite Others to Join You

Are there other influencers in the industry your readers might care to read? Bring them in. Let them write an article or two for your business blog. Or feature them in your next post.

8. Do Make Your Website Attractive

Aesthetically, viewers want something easy and pleasant on the eyes. Give it to them. Use clean, readable fonts. Make use of white space. And avoid clutter like plague.

9. Do Invest in Your Content Tools

Your business blog is pretty but your content producers are suffering from your lack of good tools. Make your workflow painlessly smooth by using collaborative tools such as Editorially for writing, Trello for project management. Also, if you’re accepting outside contributions, be sure to have an editorial guideline.

10. Do Make Your Own Rules

Take the advice of a “professional” business blogger with a pinch of salt. It may work for his blog, not for your blog. But that’s alright. You can always make your own rules. Run some business blogging experiments and test for results. Want to include SoundCloud clips on your blog? Want to offer member-only content? Sure, go ahead.

Ready to take the lead in business blogging? Start with these rules now.

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