Social Media is a Conversation


Start the Conversation

We all know that social media is vital to promoting products and services. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, Pinterest, YouTube and so on, all provide different methods of delivering our message. The question is, are we doing it effectively? Are we just throwing up words on a page for people to read and then moving on to the next post by someone else, or are we grabbing the attention of the reader and beckoning them to be involved? Quite often I see social media being used by businesses as a form of advertising similar to print, TV, or radio. While this does get the message out on the web, it puts the ‘article’ in a box. It is closed.  What if we were to start a conversation instead?

What if we were to start a conversation about an aspect of a product or service that the reader could relate to his or her needs?  Let’s say we operate a moving company and we want to communicate the importance of proper preparations for moving day. As the movers, we most likely have more experience than the client and could simply put up a check list:

-Wrap fragile objects in bubble wrap and label fragile

-Disassemble awkward pieces

-Clearly label all rooms at the destination

-Clearly label everything being moved according to what room it is going to

These are all valid and are very good advice when it comes to making what is stressful day go smoothly. The problem is we have simply made a list. It is closed and we gain nothing more than what we have asked for. What if instead we blogged about it and asked questions about past moving experiences and what could have made them better?

We would now be showing that we want peoples’ input so we can improve our service and the moving experience. Think about it, EVERYONE has had a bad moving experience and EVERYONE has some input as to how moving day could be improved. Some companies send out a follow-up survey to ask about the experience. This is good since it tells us if we did a good job according to the criteria that we set out for ourselves. Wouldn’t it be even better if we linked all our social media outlets to our blog and posed a question such as, ‘Where was there room for improvement on your last move?’ or ‘What makes for a successful moving experience?’. By asking the questions we are giving the readers, including prospective clients, permission to give us feedback designed to improve our service. We are creating a relationship by inviting clients into the process by way of an online conversation. We can still include our checklist in the blog, but more importantly, we are inviting feedback not just allowing it.

This way of starting a conversation through social media is applicable to any product or service. We are showing prospects that we care about what we do and that we care about them. We can tap into an incredible resource that is constantly evolving. If we are tapped in then we can constantly be improving our products and services.  Not only will this position us ahead of our competition, it is more likely to convert prospects into customers – satisfied customers. So, step outside the box and invite the prospects to join in a conversation about your products and services. Who knows where it could lead?

Social Media is a ConversationAs always we value your comments, this blog exists for you!

Post comments and ask questions relative to your business and as a community we can provide input and improve together.